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The home of wargamers and roleplayers in and around the Rotherham area.

What are we about?

Rotherham Wargames has been running as a club for over 40 years and in that time has been home to many of Rotherham's Wargamers and Roleplayers; whether they have been occasional visitors, turning up every month or two and on occasions every year or two, or if they have been the regular weekly members, the club has provided many wonderful opportunities to increase your game base, meet new and interesting people or just get down to an old favourite game with a friend.

If you and your friends just want to come down and use a table or if you have just moved to the area and you are looking for a game, please come down and pay us a visit.

Please see the 'Contact us' page for our location and times the club runs or follow us on Facebook.

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