Games Played

The home of wargamers and roleplayers in and around the Rotherham area.


The following rules systems are used in regular club games:

  • Fields of Glory (Ancients & Renaissance 15mm)
  • Bolt Action (World War II 28mm and 20mm)
  • FrostGrave (Fantasy combat 28mm)
  • Battletech - Robotech (Futuristic Robot Wars)
  • A Call to Arms & Attack Wing (Si-Fi Star Trek)
  • Star Wars Armada (Si-Fi Star Wars)
  • Dreadball
  • Flames of War (World War II 15mm)
  • Ages of Eagles (Napoleonic 15mm)
  • Fire & Fury Regimental (ACW 15mm)
  • Check Your 6 (WW II & Modern Air Combat 1:600)
  • SAGA & The Crescent and the Cross (Skirmish 25/28mm)
  • Force on Force (Modern 20mm)
  • Patrols in the Sun (Colonial 15mm)



We also use in-house developed rules for games and campaigns for playing the following: 
  • World War II (20mm)
  • World War I Skirmish (28mm)
  • Medieval Jousting Tournaments & Skirmish (25mm)
  • Zulu 'Rorke's Drift' (28mm)
  • Napoleonic Naval (1:2400)
  • World War II Naval (1:3000 and 1:1200)
  • Elves and Orcs Fantasy Battles (10mm)


Some games are run more often than others, but at the moment the following games are being run:

  • Justice, Inc.
  • D&D 4th Edition
  • Star Wars: Edge of the Empire
  • Dragon Warriors
  • Battletech, the Rolplaying game
  • Pathfinder Roleplaying Game (a variant of D&D 3rd Edition)